Money-Saving Homes

Money saving homes

Save 6-10 years of mortgage payments while living more comfortably

Why pay the same for a conventional home that can cost as much as $130,000 on energy over the life of a 30-year mortgage when you can live in a Money-Saving Home for the same price and save enough to pay your mortgage off years earlier and save thousands of dollars in interest costs?

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How Money-Saving?

The price that you pay for your Money-Saving Home will be the same as you would pay for any updated conventional home.  However, the big difference will be that, depending on your choice of features, your home will:

  • Provide an opportunity to reduce mortgage interest costs and repayments
  • Cost less to own
  • Have a higher resale value
  • Resell faster
  • Provide potential tax credit opportunities
  • Be energy and water efficient
  • Be more comfortable to live in
  • Have better indoor air quality
  • Help to protect our environment


What is included?

Money–Saving Homes
 include some or all of the following features and more: 

  • Home Air Sealing  – To eliminate all home envelope air leaks, a major cause of energy losses in a home. More …
  • PV Solar Electric System – To reduce buying power from the by generating free solar electricity and receiving a credit from the utility company for the excess production. More …
  • Spray-Foam Attic Insulation – To create a cool, unvented, air-conditioned attic so that air ducts can deliver conditioned air efficiently and without costly losses. More …
  • Higher Levels of Blow-in Attic Insulation – To keep interiors cool by preventing hot attic air from entering the home thereby reducing the need for expensive air conditioning and heating. More …
  • High-Performance Thermal Windows – Dual pane, vinyl frames with argon gas and Low-E technology to prevent expensive seasonal heat gains and losses to reduce air-conditioning and heating costs. More …
  • Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling – To take advantage of the latest developments in significant energy savings in heating and cooling technologies. More …
  • Heating and Cooling Zoning – To only pay to cool and heat specific parts of a home as and when they are being used.
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump – To reduce the cost of the 2nd biggest energy guzzler for any pool home by up to 90%. More …
  • Solar Attic Fan – To reduce attic temperatures and make air conditioners run more efficiently. More …
  • Programmable Thermostats – To reduce unnecessary air conditioning and heating running times, power usage and resulting costs. More …
  • Hybrid Water Heater – To reduce water heating costs by 60% More 


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Our services are free and we pay $500 towards your closing costs when you buy from us. 
We also contribute $250 per transaction to our Switch it Green, Switch it Forward fund to help fight low-income Veteran family poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time. We look forward to making Green Home living, your reality.

Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes)

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