Zero Energy Home

 LEED Certified, Zero Energy Home Model

This model is a 4,405 SF / 5,100 total SF, 3 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath home with a Great Room, Study, Den,
Media Room, Verandah, Patio, pool, and a 3 Car Attached Garage.

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Green Home certifications:

  • Energy Star,
  • Florida Green Building Coalition – Platinum level,
  • LEED for HOMES – Platinum Level,
  • Home Energy Rating (HERS) – 15 (minus fifteen),
  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS) – Emerald,
  • Indoor Air Plus,
  • Florida Water Star,
  • Florida Friendly Landscaping – Gold. See certification descriptions.The above certifications contribute to the superior energy saving features, which are listed below, together with “Green” and “Wow” features.

Outer Home Shell

Maintaining indoor temperatures means that your air-conditioner will work 50% – 70% less, which can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity and mechanical maintenance costs every year.

  • Thermal Windows – High Performance, dual pane, vinyl framed, with argon gas and low E to prevent seasonal heat gain and loss, by as much as 35%.
  • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Shell – Containing 80% air, thereby providing excellent integrated insulation of R28 +.
  • Foam Roof Insulation – to seal the attic and complete the total closed insulation shell of the home.
  • Clay Tile Cool Roof – reflects and does not retain thereby contributing to a cooler attic and home.

Electric and Water

  • Solar Electric System (completely hidden from view) – Free electricity from the sun plus a Net Meter, which turns backwards during the day while the home produces more energy than it is using. Surplus energy is sold to the utility company. The net result is an annual zero energy bill.
  • LED Lamps and Lighting – using only a fraction of standard lighting energy.
  • Energy Star Rated Luxury Appliances – use 15% – 50% less energy than standard appliances.
  • Solar Hot Water Heater – Provides free hot water from the sun.
  • Low Flow Shower Heads and Faucet Aerators – to reduce water consumption and sewer costs by as much as 50% without compromising performance.
  • Low Flow Toilets – to reduce water and sewer costs by 50% or more.
  • Variable Speed Pool Pump – reduces the pool filtering running cost by up to 90%.
  • Rainwater Harvesting System – collects free rainwater to use in your irrigation system.
  • PEX plumbing – Cross-linked polyethylene, a flexible piping system that conserves energy and water.
  • Heating and Cooling – 26+ SEER ultra variable capacity system for unparalleled efficiency.
  • Programmable Thermo/Humidistat – to conserve and reduce air conditioning run time and energy use.
  • Energy Star Ceiling Fans – to allow for higher thermostat settings and lower cooling and heating costs.
  • Super High Efficiency Ductless Air Conditioning – higher dehumidification, multiple zones and lower running costs.
  • Zoning – multiple heating and cooling zones prevent conditioning unused parts of the home, thereby saving energy.
  • Ethanol Fueled Fireplace – no chimney means great efficiency as all the heat says in the room.
Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers
Ethanol Fireplace

Safety Features – This is what makes Florida living carefree.

  • Monolithic Slab Foundation- minimum 20 inch footers with steel reinforcements.
  • Steel Reinforced  Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Walls – capable of withstanding above code hurricane winds and flying debris.
  • High Impact Windows and Glass – protects against hurricane winds, flying debris and broken glass.
  • Waterproof Material Layer Below Roof Shingles – for double protection from leaks.
  • Smoke Detectors – with battery backup for guaranteed operation.
  • Fire Resistant Construction – Up to six hours fire resistance rating to protect you.
  • Electronic Security System – with one year’s paid monitoring.
  • Innovative Smart Command Center – including Internet, Phone, TV, Audio, and Security.
  • PEX plumbing – Cross-linked polyethylene, a flexible piping system, that eliminates pipe contamination.
  • Water Impenetrable Wall and Roof System – provides air and moisture tight home shell.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System – to circulate and condition fresh air.

Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers

Good Air Quality Features – This is what helps to keep you healthy.

  • Low Toxic Interior Paints and Finishes – for large surface areas to protect you from harmful off gassing.
  • Carbon Dioxide detectors – to protect occupants from deadly toxins.
  • Toxin Free Carpets – Green Label Plus certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  • Healthy Construction – Hypoallergenic Certified Green Materials, does not contain CFC”s (chlorofluorocarbons), HCFC’s (hydro chlorofluorocarbons), formaldehyde, asbestos or fiberglass, also mold, mildew and termite resistant.
  • High Performance Air Filtration – to keep mold, viruses and bacteria out of the home.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation System – Energy Recovery Ventilator to circulate and condition fresh air.
  • Effective Envelope Sealing – Drastically reduces air infiltration resulting in less dust pollen and other pollutants coming in from the outside while providing and maintaining comfort and even lower energy usage.
  • Mold Resistant Shower & Tub Walls – no sheet rock or green board allowed in wet areas.
  • Screens On All Operable Windows – to keep bugs and mosquitoes out.
  • Certified Green Kitchen & Bath Cabinets – sustainably harvested materials, free of toxins.
  • Exhaust Fans in Kitchen and Bathrooms – vented to the outside to prevent mold growth.
Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers
Family room to kitchen with green certified cabinets and counter tops.

Other Green Features – This is what makes this zero energy home kind to you, and the environment.

  • Green Certifications – independently certified energy efficient by the EPA’s Energy Star Program, Water Star Program, and has been awarded The Florida Green Building Coalition Platinum certification, thereby meeting the highest economical, ecological and environmentally friendly standards.
  • Sustainable Cabinetry – Purebond FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) Environmental certified wood with no added urea-formaldehyde.
  • Sustainable doors – Masonite FSC certified wood doors.
  • Flooring – Green Label Plus certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.
  • Sound Suppressing Construction – dramatically reduces noise from the outside.
  • Low E Window Technology – to reduce the transmission of damaging UV light that can cause furniture and fabrics to fade.
  • Light-Colored Interior Finishes – for cool Florida living.
  • Glass Tiles – made from recycled glass.
  • Portico Carpets – made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Clay Roofing Tiles and Pavers – made from a true cradle to cradle sustainable material.
  • Sustainable Countertops – made from quartz, recycled concrete and glass.
  • Teragren Bamboo Floors – super durable and made from a rapidly renewable resource.
  • Low Carbon Footprint Foundations – made from Blue World Crete cement, an eco friendly manufactured product.
  • Synthetic Gypsum a drywall product that is made from recycled, instead of mined materials.
  • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Construction – Containing 80% air and recycled materials, excellent sound and insulation, strong and fire resistant.
  • Conservation – Homes back up to 8700 acre nature reserve – opportunities for hiking and bird watching.
  • Magnificent Planned and Landscaped Gated Community – Florida tropical living at its best.
  • Ductless Air Conditioning – greater comfort with higher dehumidification, multiple zones, much quieter than standard, and runs on earth friendly refrigerant.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Responsible Construction – Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Blocks, recycled Gypsum and Blue World Crete cement, saving trees and ozone depletion.
  • Ethanol Fueled Fireplace – the bio-fuel used is plant-derived ethanol, clean and ecological, without any residue, soot, ashes or harmful substances.
  • Unique Green Neighborhood Development – A small exclusive neighborhood of exclusively green homes and yards.
  • Casual Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle – with pool.
  • Drought and Bug Resistant Grass – to save on water and avoid chemical and herbicide usage.
  • Screened Lanai Area – for entertaining friend and excluding bugs and mosquitoes.
  • Florida Friendly Landscape With Native Plants – appropriate for site topography and soil types, emphasizing use of plants with low watering and maintenance requirements – certified by the Florida Star.
  • Instant Hot Water Recirculation System – saves time and water normally lost when waiting for hot water.
  • Water Efficient Irrigation System – includes micro irrigation and SmartSense technology to stop watering when it is raining, and MP rotators to put water down in a more efficient way.
  • Low Flow Faucet Aerators and Shower Heads – WaterStar certified to reduce water and sewer bills and protect our resources.
  • Low Flush Toilets – WaterStar certified to significantly reduce water usage.
  • Construction Recycling – 95% of the construction waste is recycled.
  • Pest Control System in Walls – environmentally friendly.
Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers
Master bath with Water Sense fixtures and plumbing.

This is what makes everyone say “WOW!”

  • Designer entry door.
  • Sliding glass doors.
  • Jenn-Air, kitchen Aid and Whirlpool Energy Star qualified appliances.
  • Sherwin Williams no VOC and low VOC paint.
  • Exterior walls coated with elastomeric paint for long life and low maintenance.
  • Spacious walk in closets with Freedom Rail shelving system.
  • Kohler stainless steel, sustainable Water Sense plumbing, faucets and shower heads.
  • Ceramic floor tiles in designated areas.
  • 10’ – 12′ ceilings and tray ceilings.
  • Designer lighting fixtures.
  • Luxury bathroom and kitchen cabinets, features and finishes.
  • Cat 5 prewired for cable TV and alarm system.
  • Choice of several elevations and floor plans.
  • Paver decking on outdoor and covered lanai area.
  • Covered outside entertainment area.
  • Reduced insurance costs – due to superior, hurricane resistant construction.
  • Swimming pool.
  • 10 Year fully bonded limited structural warranty.
  • Picture book neighborhood.
  • LG Televisions -3D, Energy Star, with internet browsers.
  • And much, much more ……………….
Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers
Outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.

Zero Energy LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers
Outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.

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